Tuesday, August 29, 2006

AOL is Finally Labeled Badware!


All I can say is that it's about freakin' time. The Internet watchdog site, StopBadware.org has labeled the AOL software as Badware for several reasons:
...it installs additional software without telling the user; it forces the user to take certain actions; it adds various components to Internet Explorer and the taskbar without disclosure; it may automatically update without the user's consent; and it fails to uninstall completely.
I could have told you all that. Speaking as someone who's tried to remove AOL from numerous systems (a process that usually takes an hour or more), I've already labeled it Badware and refused to have anything to do with it or recommend it to friends.

StopBadware.org isn't just some random website, either. It's backed by "Harvard and Oxford universities, as well as Google, Sun and Lenovo."

AOL has apprently read the report and claims to be making changes...yeah right. We'll see. But at least a site with this much recognition has finally realized what's going on. Here's hoping we finally see the death of AOL.

Read more at Google News.


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